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Unplug and connect inward to bring more harmony in your life.

Image by Andrzej Kryszpiniuk


These adventurous and fun-filled immersive retreats take place in beautiful and luxurious surroundings, led by Charles Clay, and other expert facilitators, who use powerful tools and practices to initiate Self-healing and personal empowerment. 


Each retreat offers a unique transformational experience that leaves you with a renewed sense of peace and power.

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Image by Andrzej Kryszpiniuk


You will get to experience some of the most profound Self-Healing tools and practices including the Guided Inner-Peace Process, Mind-Body Tune Ups, Neurokinetic Pain Relief Therapy, muscle testing, and unique bodywork with Charles Clay. These modalities are intentionally designed to clear internal blocks, imbalances and misalignments in the body that may be causing aches and pains. 


You will also be invited to experience the power of ceremonial cacao, breathwork, guided meditation, sacred sound healing and so much more. This is an inward journey to heal your mind and body, connect deeply with your intuition, and gain clarity on your greatest path forward.

Image by Andrzej Kryszpiniuk


This experience is designed to bring more harmony, tranquility, and clarity in your life, while deepening your connection to the soul.


By unplugging and realigning yourself with nature, immersive retreats are the most powerful way to experience fast and lasting transformations.


It’s an opportunity to pause your everyday life and harmonize the mind, body, spirit, and heart.

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CHRIS HIDALGO  /  VIP Retreat / Weekend Immersion

“Before working with Charles, I was not feeling aligned to my true values and allowing myself to have fun with this process of growth and transformation. Charles offered so many tools in helping me to realign and better ways to do my inner work. 


While I had heard of inner child work, I had never really understood how impactful it can be for healing my childhoods wounds. Charles walked me through this inner peace process and held such beautiful space when sharing my deepest childhood wounds. I felt safe and fully able to be vulnerable with Charles. He also showed me how I can do this process on my own anytime uncomfortable feelings came up that wanted to be felt and integrated. Now I understand that when "negative emotions" appear they are there to show me something and I can work through them rather than suppress my emotions. 


The other valuable tool I took away from our time together was in his 6 keys to manifesting with ease was in fully surrendering to the Divine. I learned a lot about letting go of control and allowing Divine timing and plans to unfold. This was one of the critical steps I was missing in my manifestation process before. Now is it one of my favorites to being more open to receive by being fully willing to surrender. 


I am so grateful for the serendipitous way Charles came in to my life in helping me heal through a very transformational time in my life. Through our work together I felt much more inspired, aligned, and happy with my life in the present moment. 



I would highly recommend Charles to anyone feeling stuck in their healing journey, and needing some guidance from someone who has created an inspiring process for reaching the next level in their life.”


“I came to Charles for help with my relationship but received so much more. I was working so much that I wasn’t being fully present for my wife and kids. He guided me deep inside myself where the healing was truly needed. I had so many blind spots and I was finally able to bring love and support to the parts of myself that needed it the most. He also gave me empowering tools to help continue the self healing process whenever I’m faced with challenges. 


Now I’m focused on what’s truly important, my family and I get to make our dream come true with moving across the country to the coast. I’ve never felt better and more connected to my loved ones. Finding strength within yourself is a very powerful thing and I’m so thankful for your work. Your the bomb coach Charles!”

ADAM / VIP Retreat

Tim & Kate / Testimonial

“Charles is the real deal. I’ve learned that first hand after working with him over the past year and getting to witness incredible growth in myself, especially after our couples retreat weekend immersion with him and Brandilyn. 


Kate and I were having issues with communication and intimacy so we felt more like roommates than lovers most of the time. I was able to recognize my unconscious and self-destructive habits that were driving a wedge into our relationship and Kate was dealing with stress and anxiety. She also lacked clarity and intention with her business at the time. 


In one weekend Charles and Brandilyn helped us work through our deep rooted issues and reach deeper levels of intimacy in our relationship. With the tools Charles offers I’ve been healing pain in my body and have a greater appreciation for life itself. Kate has been able to relax her mind and body to gain more clarity with the intentional breathing techniques we learned.


Now we get to enjoy a deeper level of intimacy, connection, and love for one another. Through this experience I’ve remembered to love myself again and feel more of my natural state of inner peace. Together we have gained massive clarity of our vision and have opened ourselves up to a myriad of possibilities. Shortly after we returned home I even landed my dream job on the ocean.


Charles has helped me accelerate these results so it was a no brainer to jump right in. I’m glad that we followed our intuition to invest in this opportunity and I recommend it to anyone that wants to make more dreams come to life and improve their relationship with themselves and experience more intimacy,  connection and harmony with their partner.”

TIM & KATE / Couples Retreat

“We had a such an incredible experience at the couples retreat . Brandilyn and Charles created such a safe and trusted space for us to open up and share within. The space was filled with love and made for such powerful reflections amongst the couples. It felt so effortless and organic despite the amount of powerful inner work and transformations that took place. The activities were fun and light and The cacao/sound healing/ breathwork ceremony was truly magical.  We all bonded so well and memories were made that will last a lifetime. My heart is filled with gratitude and will carry this energy and lessons and blessings forward into our next chapters as a couple. Thank you Charles and Brandilyn and all the couples that truly showed up for us all. We are all blessed.”

ALEX & CHLOE / Couples Retreat



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